301 Full-Motion Simulator

301simulator2Movement with 3-Axis-System

This high-tec simulator has been developed for the professional sector. Feel the acceleration forces and lateral forces of up to 3g. Feel any bump and curve and stay fully concentrated!

All original circuits and cars are available. Due to the 3D-monitor technique you almost feel the speed! Reaction of profs and also amateurs is overwhelming.  The simulator is accompanied by one of our professional promoters, who will take care, that the drive will be a successful and exciting experience for the drivers.

A highlight for your exhibition booth, event, meeting or roadshow.
You can round off the campaign by one of the following options:


Photo Campaign
With a digital camera we take a photo of every driver. This photo is integrated into a racing certificate and printed out. After having finished the race, all drivers get their certificate incl. photo and best personal time.

Up to 40% of the advertisements along a race circuit are provided with our own company label.

By networking different simulators the drivers can experience a race with real competitors. Up to 6 persons can race against each other. Especially for team building events, this is really a highlight.