Grand-Prix Simulator – Red/White

Rot-Weiss-2007Get into the professional GP-simulator and are built with many details, like a real GP-car. Experience the fascination of race sports!

2 different types are available.

Our simulators are built most originally and therefore nearly are indistinguishable from the original cars. The latest simulation technique provides that the driver gets the feeling of a real race champion. Driver and audience watch the race via 3D-monitor technique, which gives a most realistic view.

The simulator is accompanied (abt. 8 hours per event day) by one of our professional promoters. This guarantees a smooth and pleasant procedure and enthused participants.


Photo Campaign
With a digital camera we take a photo of every driver. This photo is integrated into a racing certificate and printed out. After having finished the race, all drivers get their certificate incl. photo and best personal time.

Up to 40% of the advertisements along a race circuit are provided with our own company label.